Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yang Pakai Shade Tu Janda


My lil' brother.

I put on my dad's shade while travelling in the car because the sun shone too bright (or I memang ada silau mata)

In the tv usually the lady icons (singers/actress) will wear black shawl/tudung and big shades to the mahkamah syariah when they were divorced.

So my lil brother said:

"You look like the divorcees in tv."

My dad laughed too much for this accidentally funny joke.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Esok Pereksa English


When i was in primary school, i knew that my English is so bad. Because I didn't grow up in a 'speaking-English-all-the-time-family'. We speak Terengganu punya dialek all the time. Even my mom is a Sabahan, I wouldn't speak like a Sabahan to her, even though I am a Sabahan too.

Tomorrow I would sitting for English exam. While my mom was busy praying for me to do well in exam, you know what did I do?

I took out the dictionary Oxford Fajar (for a standard budak kampung like me, only in Form 3 I did upgrade my dictionary) and I wish I can read all the words in it.


The next day I went to school without memorizing those words I tried to memorize. Memang la. Do you think that teachers will use word laparoscopy to Year 5 students?


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ambulan Datang Ke Sekolah


It was 1999, I was 7 years old. That time, as a kid I would be very sensitive to the white-vehicle-with-crescent-moon-at-it's-body.

Yeah. Ambulance.

First thing came to my mind was: the nurses are going to pull my teeth. Because my elder sis and bro told me every year the nurses in the ambulance would come bringing the jarum to inject somethin into your gum.

Then a nurse representative came to my class and told the class teacher something. All eyes were like... coming out from the socket. The faces started to loss colour. All yellow-faced.

"Okey, semua murid-murid sila beratur kat tepi kelas ni ye. Ketua kelas, bawak kawan-kawan awak pergi ke bilik tepi perpustakaan. Awak semua akan dicucuk hari ini."

Me and my friends were 'HAH' together spontaneously because we were all growing up with the perception being injected is painful. And I grew up with that perception sticking in my mind although me becoming a doctor too.

Sorang-sorang jalan lambat-lambat, siapa je yang nak kena cucuk.

But that time, sebab kena cucuk dekat gluteal area (kat punggung) so it wasn't painful pun...

Whatever purpose it is, the ambulance was and still is very popular to the kids because 'it brings nurses and doctors who will inject them'.

The kids in Malaysia do not know how doctors and nurses in our country are really gentle and berbudi bahasa. Sebab diorang tak pernah jumpa doktor dan nurses Arab.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Lembu Chases Kids in Red Shirt!


When I was 5-6 year old, I attended tadika with my older sister. Tabika Kemas. And that time we wear red-white kotak-kotak uniform. When I was in Year 1 in primary school then I thought that the new blue uniform for juniors in tadika more attractive than the red one.

Abah used to say that the cow will chase anyone with red attire. That's why sometimes I felt like it was very burdensome to wear the tadika's uniform, just because I need to run away from the cows. I grew up in a very kampung area so that explains there were (and still are) many cows kat belakang rumah. And so did their poops.

And when I grew up a little more I thought that the fact lembu chases people in red was absolutely wrong. Because there were no cases in the kampung anyone got 'ditanduk' by cows because of red attire. And the cows didn't menanduk pun.

Then I grew up a little more, I started to think about the 'baka' of the cows. Because the one that go chasing red thing is different from this lembu belakang rumah.